A Tale of Two Cities Bicycle Shops

May 30th, 2011

5-30-11 AMaking our way to Baltimore’s inner harbor through 30 miles of trails was what the doctor ordered on this very hot day where temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees. Trails usually mean there are trees which translates into shade, nature’s air conditi5-30-11 Coning.
Light Street Cycles was a bicycle shop along our travels. Owner, Penny Troutner who used to work the phone bank for a local Domestic Violence call center, saw why we are riding cross country and gave us the family discount on our bike upgrades and repairs. Marshall and Elliott, her two sons did the work on 2 of our 3 bikes. ┬áThis evening my bike disappeared to CycleSport in Ellicott City, another bike shop. Maria, one of the daughters of the family we stayed with the past two days, works there, and her boss told her when we are in town, “to help them with everything they need.”
Everywhere we travel, people want to help us to spread the word about ending Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse.5-30-11 B

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