If You Are In An Abusive Relationship, Leave Now!

June 1st, 2011

6-1-11Arriving in Washington DC, I called the National and DC Domestic Violence Coalitions and soon I had 2 meetings arranged, one for tomorrow and one on Monday.  I guess a guy on a bike can make a difference, a guy with an enormous passion for raising awareness for Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse that is.
My bicycle has 2 large signs attached to the rear rack. One says, “Be a Man, Don’t Raise a Hand, Stop Domestic Violence,” the other, “Stop Childhood Sexual Abuse Now!” Needless to say I get thousands of looks a day. Most responses are positive, some are indifferent, others look at me as if the person is thinking, “are you directing that at me?” I am hoping I strike a nerve in those who would ever think of committing one of these despicable acts. The last group I get feedback from are 2 or more young men in cars whose occupants at times shout out testosterone laced retorts; I for sure hope somehow I am reaching this demographic.

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