More Corn

July 30th, 2011

7-30-11It is amazing to me that we are beginning our 12th week of The Kindness Bicycle Tour. Time has flown by so quickly and we are about to enter the State of Kansas for the next month. I was just told a humorous story, recently, about a couple of kids who used to drive their parents crazy as the drove through Kansas during their summer vacation. The kids would say repeatedly, “more corn, more corn, more corn, more corn, more corn…..”. Very funny stuff! I’m sure, that after a month of riding past hundreds of miles of corn, I’ll be saying “more corn” to myself hundreds of times. Thank you for that great story tkd.
I meet many people along my travels, one person I met a month or so ago, in Athens, Ohio was Dr. Stephen Patton, Professor of Chemistry at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri. I paid the good Doctor a visit to talk with him again, about some of his, and other’s research on aggression in laboratory animals. It is fascinating work and shows how aggression can be more prevalent in laboratory animals when an over abundance or a shortage of chemicals are lacking in their brain. The same applies to humans.
The bicycle mileage is at a triple-digit deficit due to the 100 degree days for the past couple of weeks, I can make it up in less than a week when the cooler weather comes.

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