The LEAD Institute, Columbia, MO

July 28th, 2011

7-28-11 ADr. Stephanie Logan, Executive Director of The LEAD Institute met with me at her administration building to7-28-11 B tell me of the many services her organization provides for people throughout Missouri, primarily the deaf and hard of hearing. The  Leadership through Education & Advocacy for the Deaf as it is known, offers Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Programs, Drug and Alcohol Programs, HIV/Aids Awareness Programs, Training and Education for all of these programs and a 24 hour Crisis Line, all under one roof. Dr. Logan still works at the same desk she personally assembled 17 years ago and uses nearly every dollar she receives for programs and helping those in need, directly. This organization, under the leadership of Dr. Logan, is accomplishing great things for those who are deaf and affected by domestic violence. She herself became deaf as an adult and knows first hand what some of those in her charge live with each and every day.

A very big thanks to Ona from RAVEN for her generosity and kind words. It is a big boost for me to hear how much you care about my mission. Thank you Ona.
Today the temperature was 101 in Columbia. I bagged the ride for the day due to safety concerns. I will make up any deficit in the cooler temperatures this autumn. Boy does that sound good.

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