Fathers Teaching Daughters

August 30th, 2011

8-30-11A father who teaches his daughter to respect herself, to be loving, to choose healthy relationships, to not abuse drugs or alcohol, to receive a marketable education and to stand on her own two feet is a father who gives his daughter a very good chance of not being a victim of Domestic Violence.
A father who isn’t around enough to teach his daughter the meaning of respect or love, he doesn’t care about the choices she makes, he brings around friends who often times drink and do drugs, he has no interest in her schooling or her future and doesn’t care how she lives her life is a father who most likely is guilty of Domestic Violence.
The weather in east-central Kansas is once again becoming a challenge. Temperatures are near or above 100 degrees for the next 4 days, limiting my riding to the early morning hours. The sun hasn’t quit shining down on The Kindness Bicycle Tour for nearly 2 months and is hard to escape at times. Today’s ride of only 25 miles is about half of what I was scheduled to ride. I’m going to have a lot to make up after these 4 days.

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