Kansas Children’s Discovery Center

August 20th, 2011

8-20-11The day began with an early morning visit to the farmers market in downtown Topeka. Getting here early made it possible to find the most visible parking spot for The Kindness Bus. Hundreds of Topekans are now aware of One Million Acts Of Kindness from visiting the market. The other reason I visited this market was because United Way was having a Live United Awareness event. United Way is a big provider for many of the Domestic Violence coalitions and the Child Advocacy agencies.
Today’s highlight was an invitation to perform my puppet show to 3 audiences during the course of the day at the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. After all of the performances, everyone was so complimentary. Doing this sort of work is a nice, light change of pace from dealing with the day to day issues of Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. The filming of all 3 puppet shows will allow Nathan to put together a great video compilation for the website and Youtube.
Today’s short ride of 40 miles allowed me to interact with dozens of people enjoying the beautiful weather in Topeka.

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