LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center

August 18th, 2011

8-18-11An early morning visit to this Children’s Advocacy Center was another eye opening experience. Having only been to a handful of Children’s Advocacy Centers, I am still astonished at the sheer numbers of Childhood Sexual Abuse cases in our country.
Director, Kelly Stephens and Jill Shehi-Chapman, Family Support Specialist met with us to tell us about their facility and the good it is doing for children and families in need. Getting abused children to verbally express their tough, but once done, the child is often times able to move on with their lives knowing that they will now be protected. After the interview with Kelly and Jill, it is easy to understand why the motto of LifeHouse is, “Helping kids be kids again.”
The return of the Heat Index being over 110 degrees has returned, causing me to be shy of my total for the day by 16 miles. I hope we don’t go straight from summer to winter.

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