109 in September!

September 1st, 2011

109 in septIn three weeks fall begins and none too soon. The bubble of heat in the central part of the United States is finally about to burst, but not before it has one last hurrah. With lightning in the skies just before dawn, we had to wait to ride our 40 miles for a couple of hours. We finished just before noon when the temperature reached 100. Riding in the country it is essential to make sure to bring enough water for the entire ride on a day as hot as this. Not even to our half-way turn-around we both realized we were in trouble with very few houses or businesses to fill our containers with water. Parched, aptly described our condition. A farmer a few miles from our end-point took care of us. Thank you to them!
It is less than 6 months until I begin Ride for Wounded Warrior and Officer Down. This short 3,600 mile ride will begin in February and end in late June. It will take a west to east direction stopping at various VA hospitals, law enforcement facilities, memorials, etc… Today’s photo from the Kansas State University campus is of a memorial to all 5 armed forces. The soil beneath the middle portion of the memorial was taken from several military cemeteries across the nation.

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