Attention, All Predators and Future Predators!

September 29th, 2011

“Don’t let anyone else get hurt,” this girl of maybe 12 years of age, said to me when she hugged me, as her case worker looked on. A girl who should have many more years of innocence left to her life, but no, you took that from her long ago. I don’t know who you are, but you have caused a lifetime of recovery to this very precious girl. There are millions of you predators out there, you are training millions more by your despicable actions. By writing this, I am hoping you will realize the damage you are causing by your self-serving actions. These are children, in many cases, your own children. Anyone who ever would consider causing such harm to a child needs to realize the lifetime of pain, grief and shame they are causing. If you are a predator, stop today!! Get the help you need by calling a health care professional in your area immediately, so you never touch another child in your life and “don’t let anyone else get hurt.”
The words this young girl said to me were very powerful. The fact that this girl has lived through these terrible horrors and yet she is concerned for other children being hurt, shows me what a caring individual she is. It also tells me that what she lived through was so traumatic, that she knows no other child should have to live through the same pain.

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