Early Morning Kids Ride

September 24th, 2011

9-24-11This morning came early after a late night with throngs of people on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado. The conversations and interest in The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour was incredible.
Kids getting involved in their passion for issues before their teen years always amazes me. Learning to lead with their hearts and doing what they believe is right, for groups of people, the environment and scores of other issues teaches them the skills needed to work with others for the common good. The early morning kid’s ride today was for environmental issues.
Robin, a first mom to be, of twins, was particularly interested in the meaning behind my mission. You could just see the love and concern she has for the future of her soon to be born twins.
The Farmer’s Market in Boulder was the perfect spot to visit on The Kindness Bicycle as thousands packed the streets, making this a captive audience mecca. Chris, a consultant who helps those in the sexual assault field was extremely interested in The Kindness Bicycle mission. People just seem to have a way of finding me. Taking a break from my short 25 mile ride to talk to this group was also a way of stocking up The Kindness Bus with fresh produce. I love Boulder!

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