Handing Your Eternal Paternal Torch to Your Son

November 27th, 2011

11-27-11Mark and his teenage son, Sam were two of the several hundred individuals who stopped by The Kindness Bus today, parked once again, in front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco. At one point, Mark touched an area near the entrance door of The Kindness Bus for his son to view. From my vantage point ┬áinside, I could tell that he was pointing out one of my favorite writings; “Respect for women is one of the greatest gifts a father can show to a son.” A nod of approval from his son was all the assurance, for Mark to realize, that the torch he had passed to his son, he can use as a lifelong, moral compass. I gave those words, and a few others, some time to be digested and then exited the bus with Bogart to have conversation with them about one of my favorite topics. I learned from our conversation that Sam has learned many great core values from his father. It would be great if all fathers were role models like Mark.
A student who is visiting San Francisco, stopped by and showed me a picture of The Kindness Bus she had taken. Thinking that she had just snapped the photo, I was blown away when she told me she took it 2 months ago in Boulder, Colorado.
Tomorrow I resume my ride on The Kindness Bicycle.

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