Un Million de Gestes de Bonté

November 1st, 2011

11-2-11No matter what language you speak, One Million Acts Of Kindness is still an individual lifetime goal.
Gerome and Delphine from southern
France are visiting the United States and we crossed paths in front of the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. “Your bicycle has a good message,” Gerome said to me. He also said a good message of “Un Million de Gestes de Bonté” should be an easy one to spread across the world. I’m banking on it Gerome.
I made a surprise visit to the Domestic Violence Coalition not realizing how late in the day it was. The staff was extremely busy getting together last minute details on contracts by day’s end deadline. I hope to get back here in a couple day’s time. I was at least able to get some of my info sheets in their hands.
Tonight I used my membership in the Moose to arrange for a two night’s stay on the Moose Lodge 1762 property. The cordial group of administrators was there when I arrived and were so helpful in making my stay a breeze. Thank you to everyone.
The Moose International is an amazing organization with over one million members that does great things to help children and the elderly. They are worth researching and joining at; www.mooseintl.org

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