Students Being Kind in Their Own Backyard

December 15th, 2011

12-15-11Today, the morning was spent working on an interview and researching a spot that The Kindness Bus can be parked for three weeks in Los Angeles over the holidays. Anybody out there have any thoughts?
This afternoon, the Environmental Club from Malibu High School was visiting area shopping centers to hand out “green” bags to all the shoppers. Malibu High School Environmental teacher Sarah Ryan and City of Malibu Coastal Preservation Specialist Casey Zweig were with a small group of students when they found me getting back to The Kindness Bus. I am always impressed with students who spend their free time helping people, animals or the environment.
Only three more days of riding The Kindness Bicycle remain until the tire dunk in the Pacific Ocean. I have decided to perform this in Malibu on Monday.
After the new year, The Kindness Bicycle will be outfitted with new signage to address awareness for Wounded Warriors and Safety Forces killed in the line of duty. This next ride begins in Los Angeles on January 21st and ends in Jacksonville, Florida in early June. This will be a very important ride, taking the message to schoolchildren, of who the real heroes are in our society. I will also visit Veterans Hospitals, Police Stations, Firehouses and Legislators along my travels. To say I am busting with enthusiasm is a huge understatement.

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