Board of Education, State of Ohio

February 29th, 2012

The following is a letter that I sent to the 19 members of the Board of Education in The State of Ohio. Governor John Kasich received a copy as well.

It truly is time to teach a goal of kindness in our nation’s schools.

Re; Chardon shooting
One Million Acts Of Kindness is an organization I started because of the Virginia Tech tragedy nearly five years ago.
I am a father of three grown children from Gates Mills, Ohio. After that tragedy, I decided I was tired of seeing these types of events happen and not doing something about it. I now travel the country in a painted school bus trying to convince as many people as possible, primarily children, to personally perform one million acts of kindness in their lives. Having a lifetime goal of kindness in one’s life, creates an individual who only knows love and respects others and themselves. Having such a formidable goal, creates an ever-present mindset of kindness.
Kindness is a simple loving gesture and needs to be taught in our schools.
On the One Million Acts Of Kindness website are Kindness Certificates, which can be printed for each student and classroom. These certificates are a contract with oneself to pledge to perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in one’s life. They are then signed by the student and hung and framed in a prominent spot in the child’s bedroom. This can also be used in each classroom. There are over 14,000 of these being used, there need to be millions in the State of Ohio alone.
Please make this an immediate addition to classrooms across the State of Ohio. To not do so, would be a major disservice to the students of Ohio. Having kindness curriculum from pre-K through 12 would help to avert any future tragedies. Don’t, not do anything!
In the short 2 1/2 years I have been living on my bus, trying to help schoolchildren across the country, there have been dozens of high profile people who have supported my cause, a few of these are;
President Obama’s Domestic Violence advisor, Lynn Rosenthal had me to her DC office for a meeting.
Oprah put us on her OWN Network for a two week period and a three week period.
I am interviewed for the Bill Bennett, former Department of Education Secretary talk show, “Morning in America” for an update to my travels every Friday morning.
Dr. Stuart Ablon, Harvard Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Head of Psychiatry Mass General and ThinkKids founder.
I urge you to do something about using these One Million Acts Of Kindness Certificates in classrooms. This tragedy is a horrible wake up call to you and all of us. It is time to implement this change. It would help millions of children across our wonderful state. Ohio could become a model for other states in its actions to a tragedy such as this.
Now is the time to implement this change. I’m sure you agree. The children of Ohio are counting on you.
Kindness always prevails!

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