Veterans’ Home of California

February 26th, 2012

2-26-12“If you ever pass through Barstow, make sure you visit the Veterans Home,” Marianne Davis, the Volunteer Coordinator of the VA Los Angeles Medical Center said to me last week. As it turns out, I found myself driving right through Barstow. What a great call, this visit was needed by all parties involved. Charlie Ross, an Army Signal Corpman was enthused to see me walk through the front door of the Veterans Home. It was lunchtime for the 185 residents and Charlie invited me to the dining room as his guest, giving me the opportunity to talk to many of these Veteran Heroes. Angelina and Dorothy who were at the front desk and allowed The Kindness Bicycle into the building when they saw the smiling faces of those who gathered around me. It was a unique bike that carried the message of Heroes to them. It was a nice break from the daily routine for these Veterans.
I also met Ray today, who was with his daughter from Girl Scout Troop 784. He loved the idea of getting Girl Scouts, taking part nationwide in One Million Acts Of Kindness Week and having The Kindness Certificates as a reminder of a personal goal.

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