Scottsdale Safety Forces

March 29th, 2012

3-29-12Today’s ride took me to the Administration offices of the Scottsdale Police and Fire Departments. I also stopped in the City Hall and Court House. I have decided that this Sunday, I will ride in honor of fallen Scottsdale Police Sergeant Thomas Hontz. Just over ten years ago he died in the line of duty when a piece of equipment exploded during a training exercise. Assistant Police Chief John Cocca met with me and discussed the upcoming ride, he was so grateful that he is forwarding all the information to all ┬áSafety Forces throughout Scottsdale.
The weather today as well as what is predicted for tomorrow is full sunshine with temps I’m the upper 80s. I am finishing my rides by late morning and researching in the afternoon. The weather for the all day honor ride on Sunday should be perfect.

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