Heroes, Living and Deceased

April 26th, 2012

4-26-12Today I visited New Mexico’s Department of Veterans Services Secretary Timothy Hale’s office to the delight of his staff. “It’s not too often that a bike like your’s pulls up to our front door,” I was told. I made the rounds throughout most of their offices in the historic Bataan Memorial Building. It is always nice to talk with people whose job it is to help Veterans in need.
One of my other stops was to the Santa Fe National Cemetery. This rolling landscape has over 40,000 Veterans and family members interred. I met a very proud man who has five family members buried here. I am posting, on YouTube, a video I made at this cemetery, honoring those who protected our liberties and freedom.
While at The Kindness Bus this afternoon, I met Heidi, a senior who traveled on her own from Switzerland. She was taken aback by The Kindness Bus’ “grand looks,” that she got left behind by her tour group.
LouAnn, Margaret and Nancy from Street Feet, a local woman’s footwear shop gave me an inspiring ovation as I rode The Kindness Bicycle by their storefront. Street Feet made a very nice donation to help get The Kindness Bus further down the road. Thank you!

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