Taos, New Mexico

April 30th, 2012

4-30-12In a short amount of time, I was fortunate to get a lot done in Taos today. All of my stops were within a few miles of each other allowing me extra time for my ride north to Colorado Springs.
I first visited the Taos Police Station and found a very friendly, Lieutenant David Maggio who was very interested in the route of The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes. He was also very interested in getting the message of this ride to the community.
I arrived at the Firehouse to find the Firefighters getting ready to take possession of a new piece of equipment which they had had me stand in front of for today’s picture. What a fun group of guys. Robert, one of the Firefighters and I used Bogart to help catch a stray dog.
I visited Taos High School’s Principal and Guidance Counselor’s office. There was a big interest in the students wanting to know all about the people I meet on my travels and what it’s like to ride cross country.
Cody, a reporter at The Taos News, was thrilled to have such a fun topic to write about.

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