Chesterland Heroes

May 31st, 2012

5-31-12With The Kindness Bus up on the lift for more repairs, I set out on The Kindness Bicycle on this full day of riding through the far eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. I knew this was going to be a special day when a teacher from Hawken, a local private school, flagged me down. At the end of our wonderful conversation, she thought a great end to the school year would be to make copies of The Kindness Certificate to send all of her graduating seniors into the world.
On today’s ride, I encountered scores of men and women from every branch of the service, Firefighters, Police Officers and their families. It was a true honor to have so many powerful conversations.
Late in the day, Lieutenant Andy and Dave, a Firefighter from Chesterland were finishing up tending to all of their pieces of equipment when I rode up to them. They were excited to hear many of the great stories of my travels and of my upcoming visit to all 212 Firehouses and 76 Police Precincts in the five boroughs of New York City beginning in two weeks.

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