Swanton, Ohio

May 26th, 2012

5-26-12The Kindness Bus made its way into western Ohio this morning, keeping up with the schedule needed to make it in time for the Blossom parade in Chagrin Falls, Ohio tomorrow. Shannon, a local resident, requested The Kindness Bus Tour stop in this town if we were ever in the area. It happened that we were passing by and were able to make this short visit possible.
Early this afternoon, I made it to Lakewood, Ohio with a kind offer by my niece and nephews, Collin, Lauren and Mason, to wash The Kindness Bus, it was great to have six extra hands available to wash off the travels of these past few months. Thanks to my sister MJ for all of her much needed help as well.
I will spend the better part of this upcoming week having The Kindness Bus serviced while visiting as many Heroes as possible.

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