Busy Day in Manhattan

June 25th, 2012

6-25-12Today was a busy day to plan in advance for some of the rain days or days off that I may take this summer. I visited a mix of 7 Firehouses, Precincts and a Courthouse. I even dropped off a flyer at the Ed Sullivan theater for The David Letterman’s producer. I think it would make a great story. Keep your fingers crossed.
Firefighter Hero Rich at E 75th Street was busy at call in his Firehouse when I rolled up. He took the time to share his time learning about The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes.
I also visited the 17th and 18th Precincts today and received the warmest welcomes. Clearly, these Heroes don’t receive messages of gratitude and honor often enough.
Being out on The Kindness Bicycle for 10 hours today, allowed for dozens of long conversations about the need to honor Heroes.

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