First Firehouse Visit, NYC

June 22nd, 2012

6-22-12Two years ago this week, I began visiting all 49 Firehouses in Manhattan in The Kindness Bus. It was the 2nd day I believe that I visited the Firehouse on East 85th Street. I remember climbing out of The Kindness Bus to this Firehouse that houses Engine Company 22, Ladder 13 and Battalion 20 and seeing the photos of the 9 faces on the front of the structure. It was the first time I saw one of the memorials on a Firehouse. I had to retreat back in The Kindness Bus to compose myself for several minutes.
Today, I decided to make this 85th Street Firehouse my first visit of all 212 Firehouses I will visit this summer. I stopped here today with a very busy residential street of people interested in The Kindness Bicycle. Two Firefighter Heroes, Chris and Mike met me as they opened the big overhead door. I will always remember this visit as it is a full circle back for me. We talked for quite a while over coffee and cookies sent over by Gracie Mansion. There was a buzz on 85th Street as we posed for today’s picture. The local residents walking past this Firehouse realize this is where Heroes are.

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