Much Appreciation

July 25th, 2012

photo.JPG25It feels great to be appreciated. When your job is challenging and dangerous and you give of yourself to protect and serve others, you deserve to thanked. This is not typically the case if you are a peace officer. Most police are criticized far more often then they are thanked. Just the fact that so many officers have to wear Kevlar vests speaks volumes. Putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us and not get thanked is not what these Heroes deserve. The same holds true with Firefighters and the safety they provide for all of us. The young men and women fighting in other countries to keep us safe deserve our thanks as well. Thank you to all Heroes for protecting our liberties and freedom.
Today I visited 5 Firehouses and 3 Police Precincts in Brooklyn. Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome, especially the Heroes at Engine 210 Firehouse in Fort Greene were so hospitable, inviting me in for a great talk and some iced coffee which kept me going all day. A big tip of the hat to the Community Affairs Officers at 88th, 90th and 94th Precincts I visited today. Thank you for helping to spread word of The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes to your community.

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