New York City Fire Museum

July 30th, 2012

7-30-12Since arriving in New York City in early June and visiting over 100 Firehouses and Police Precincts in the neighborhoods they serve, I must have heard from a dozen individuals that I need to visit the New York City Fire Museum. I decided today would be that day.
Damon Campagna, the Executive Director, invited me to his office to share some history on the museum which houses some of the most important firefighting art and artifacts dating back to the late 1700s. Damon showed me around a bit, leaving me time to be alone in their 9/11 memorial. It reinforced my beliefs on who the Heroes and role models are in our society.
The Museum, in conjunction with the New York City Fire Department, also operates a world-class fire safety education program designed to teach participants how to prevent fires within the home and how to protect themselves and escape should a fire occur.
The website is very informative and well worth a visit. The museum is a must-see when visiting New York City.

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