Special Operations Command, FDNY

July 19th, 2012

7-19-12Roosevelt Island is located in the middle of the East River and is part of Manhattan. The Special Operations Command of the FDNY is located on Roosevelt Island.
I arrived at the specialty firehouse which handles decontamination, rescue, hazardous spills and many other types of highly skilled services. Most of the training for the firefighters from all the boroughs come here to learn about the importance of how to be safe while working these calls.
Steve, a Firefighter of 29 years spent time talking with me about how this Firehouse is relied upon to do just about anything imaginable that might occur in any of the five boroughs.
With my travels through Queens, I visited the Firehouse on 37th Avenue and a couple of officers from the 110th Precinct. When I told them I had finished my ride in Manhattan, the one Officer responded, “Welcome to Queens.” I think I am on the right track.

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