A Storm of epic Proportions

October 26th, 2012

10-26-12I made my way to the Drexel University campus near their main entrance which becomes perfectly crowded at class changeover. Many conversations ensued as is the case when people see my shirt and the signs on The Kindness Bicycle.
Since hearing her story earlier this week, I have been using it in my interactions with individuals. A 20 year old student at the Rutgers campus on Monday told me she personally knew SEVEN kids from the age of 13-17 who have committed suicide in the past 2 years. This is unfathomable!
Today after telling a random group of 5 students this story, every one of these students knew at least one person who took his or her life, one of the girls in the group knew SIX. This is a storm of epic proportions.
For the past generation, the youth of this country have been taking their lives in growing numbers nearly every year. These beautiful young kids have rest of their lives ahead of them. They need to realize the value of living a long and fruitful life. There are people who are counting on them for their comfort, their compassion, their friendship….their love. They have yet to meet many people who are going to count on them for their loving support.
Someone Needs You…Don’t End Your Life.

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