Duke University

October 29th, 2012

10-29-12, 1With the southern edge of Hurricane Sandy creating wind and rain in southern Virginia, I drove The Kindness Bus to the Duke campus in Durham, North Carolina. The rains were gone but the high winds persisted. Riding The Kindness Bicycle was a challenge but proved to be appreciated by all I spoke with. With the temperatures barely in the 50s and windy conditions, most of the conversations with students were on the short side but my message reached hundreds of students today.
Will, a master gardener, and Betsy, a volunteer at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on the Duke campus, some of the most beautifully manicured grounds, loved the message of kindness on their campus.
This afternoon I headed to the NC University campus nearby. I kept a low profile as a popular student lost his life over the weekend. I attended the memorial in the late evening hours at the Student Union building to pay my respects along with hundreds of his fellow Tar Heels.

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