Thanksgiving 2012

November 22nd, 2012

photo-2Any day of the year which you can begin by watching a Turkey Trot race, has got to be a great day. Over 1,100 runners, trotters and walkers woke early to raise money for hunger, many of them children. I parked The Kindness Bus along the race course and got on The Kindness Bicycle where I had a captive audience of about 1,300 for a half hour until the race began. I couldn’t have arranged for a better crowd. There was a load of interest from these caring individuals.

Bogart was due for a long walk and being inspired by all the runners we set off for a run/walk/trot of our own.

While walking and earlier at the race, I heard from many who had seen the newspaper article, the Rhett Palmer radio interview or the two television pieces, one of them was a young lady on the walk named, Kristen. She had some very nice comments about The Ring Our Country with Kindness ride. She was in an abusive relationship and because of being beaten down mentally, she started having suicidal thoughts. It was because she believed in herself and knew she was a better person than what she was being told that she realized how important her life is.

Today I was treated to a Thanksgiving lunch by the VNA Foundation here in Vero Beach. I will write about this great organization on Sunday. I went to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with five nuns from the Humility of Mary order. These women cooked all day for their one guest. I am truly honored and thankful for being invited to their home. Thank you one and all, my heart is filled with gratitude.

It is hard to believe that one month has flown by since I left New York City; lots of miles, lots of people and loads of fun.

The link to the WPTV video and transcript is below. Thank you Tania Rogers for making the 2 hour drive to help spread the message of kindness.

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