The Source

November 24th, 2012
11-24-12On my last day of volunteering this Thanksgiving Week, I went to The Source, a local homeless outreach center. This faith-based busy center cares for the needs of many of the homeless in the community. They provide meals, referrals for housing and employment. They have classes to help those with addictions and have anger management courses as well.
Christal, the Life Skills Counselor, was my contact person for volunteering here today. She wears many hats here and between she and the other nine staff members accomplish the impossible it seems. Today the center was only open in the morning, allowing me time to get some much needed miles on The Kindness Bicycle. This town is starting to get crowded for the season as many families have come south for Thanksgiving. I had some very powerful conversations with adults and kids alike. Bullying and Suicide have been occurring in all previous generations. It hurts individuals and often times the hurt remains for years. Helping others who are struggling can go a long way to help by having a dialogue of sharing past experiences. It is a win-win situation that helps everyone involved.

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