Love Yoga and Lululemon

December 22nd, 2012

12-22-12The Kindness Bicycle made a couple of scheduled stops to visit the great people at these two locations. Yoga teacher, Lauren Romero spotted The Kindness Bus last week and immediately knew its message would be a nice addition to her class. Lauren had me talk to the group before the class started. It was as if I was preaching to the choir. This group is involved in all kinds of goodness, they even had donation boxes in their waiting area.
The local Lululemon store invited me to visit, Kindness Bicycle and all. It was such a nice way to spend an afternoon, being able to connect with all the customers at this busy location.
Thank you to Richard and Jill for the hospitality and generosity. They have arranged for The Kindness Bus to be parked at their Unity Church when I head north for Christmas for a week.

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