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Sharing the Wealth

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

12-16-12It is this time of year, during the holiday season, that individuals choose to donate the most.
Money can be used to accomplish wonderful projects. It can be used to, fund research, build hospitals, support education, vaccinate against disease, it can bring comfort to those less fortunate. It can help to create miracles in so many necessary ways.
It is a huge responsibility to have vast sums of money. Most everyone in the position of having such wealth, know the importance of putting these assets to good use…some however, choose to ignore this fact.
I met a very caring woman named Anna, outside of a store, ringing a bell for donations to the Salvation Army. We had a long conversation about donating to a charity. What came out of our conversation was that some people need to learn to give.
No matter your wealth, if you have discernible income or an abundance of wealth, give as much of it as you can to a charity. One of the best resources to research charities of your choice is:

House of Gaia

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

12-15-12I met Maria “Lulu” Carter earlier this week. She flagged me down in her creatively painted minivan with a big red heart painted on its hood. I could tell from the moment she started talking that she was a very special woman. She has varied professional experience, multi-cultural background (born in Brazil, studied in Europe), and her ability to connect with people from all over the world make her a key part of Bee Gaia. Given her rich background, Maria has special interest and expertise in programs relating to the African Diaspora, education, and community service, thereby adding a unique dimension to House of Gaia programs. After our talk, she invited me to talk to the students at this center. After my short talk, she invited me back this coming Thursday, for a program to honor those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. It is an event I will certainly be a part of.
It is amazing just how much this passionately driven woman is accomplishing. The website, outlining her countless successes, is a must visit:

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Children are a precious gift to hug and to hold and to love.
Pray for everyone affected by today’s tragedy in Connecticut.

Parents of Suicides and Friends and Families of Suicides

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

12-12-12, 1Having a child, family member or friend take his or her own life is devastating. Having to deal with the burden of coping with the loss of your loved one is a painful process. Fortunately there are many support groups that help to ease the burden of coping, one of these groups is Parents of Suicides – Friends and Family of Suicides. This collaboration of two websites offer many resource to help with the healing process.
The website can be found at:
Fox 4 Now TV reporter Julie Salomone filmed me while out riding and put a great video piece together about One Million Acts Of Kindness. The link is below.

Brainstorming While Storming

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

12-12-12I needed an all day rain to catch up on a lot of items that needed attention on The Kindness Bus Tour. It stormed only half the day but it still allowed me to accomplish a great amount of work and still allow time to get some miles on The Kindness Bicycle this afternoon. I love to organize, because it affords me the time to plan future travels and strategy. I am talking with more people during the course of the day and it in many ways, helps to guide me as this journey unfolds.
Top on my list are the short YouTube videos I plan to start posting after the first of the year. These videos will address everything under the sun with the hopes that everyone will be affected by at least one of them. It is the same mentality behind all of the 400+ messages on The Kindness Bus, there is a message for all seven billion inhabitants of this planet.

Here, There and Everywhere

Monday, December 10th, 2012
Lots of miles and lots of conversations are the words I’d choose to describe today’s travels. The Kindness Bicycle made its way throughout most all the streets in the northern Naples, stopping a dozen times or so to talk with interested individuals who pulled over in their cars. It is amazing how many times I am “chased down” by motorists.
While taking breaks during the day it always leads to conversations as I make myself a “captive audience.” Today, two people who have seen me in different parts of the country stopped by to talk. Jim from New York City saw me on The Kindness Bicycle in Manhattan. Sarah saw The Kindness Bicycle outside the coffee shop I was at, she also saw The Kindness Bus in Boulder last year. She has made a promise to volunteer for One Million Acts Of Kindness.
One of my many stops today was Naples High School. I talked with Mary Linda Sanders the Director of Counselors. We talked about the many things they are doing to guide students to make the right decisions in their lives. I am forwarding all the information about One Million Acts Of Kindness to her peers.

Staying Alive Beyond 85

Sunday, December 9th, 2012
12-9-12Dr. Jane Pearson is a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health. She is part of the Suicide Research Team, studying every nuance of cause, treatment, continuity of care, history and prevention of suicides and attempted suicides, for one primary reason, to save lives. There is a huge need for the research being done at the NIMH. Finding any common thread across demographics can prove to be a boon to helping solve the unknown.
Recently, while doing research of my own, I came across an interview of Dr. Pearson talking about the demographics of suicide. One of the most shocking statistics of all was that of caucasian males who are 85 and older. The rate of suicide for that group is 4 times the national average. My reaction was total shock.
Just as my two previous cross country Kindness Bicycles rides embraced a wider cross section of the issues I was riding for at the time, so too is becoming the case on this ride.
With all the retirees in south Florida, this is an important place to be for interacting with that age group during my Ring Our Country with Kindness ride over the next couple of months.
I met dozens of people while riding today. Anthony, a junior in high school was bullied for the last few years. He met me as I was loading The Kindness Bicycle at the end of the day. He saw the piece on WINK a few nights ago and was hoping to meet with me before I left town. We had a nice conversation and when asked what got him through the tough times, he said, believing in himself.
The link of Dr. Pearson’s interview is below.