Collier County

January 24th, 2013

1-24-13Today I took one last ride on the gulf coast of Florida in Collier County. Tomorrow, after a school program, I will head back to the east coast of Florida.
Early on today, while out riding, I came across the small Veterans Memorial Park in Old Naples. I have stopped by this memorial many times to reflect on the sacrifices of those who gave so much of their lives to protect us from harm. Sadly, so many Veterans are taking their lives, eighteen every day. There needs to be much more hope for those who have given so much for all of us. Go out of your way to make a positive impact on every Veteran you possibly can. You may just possibly save a life.
Thank you to Bob and Dawn from Naples, for the kind words while they were out for a walk and stopped to talk with me by The Kindness Bicycle.

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