Exponential Potential

January 28th, 2013

1-28-13Educational Software Consultant, Evelyn Penn was in Miami Beach for the morning when she walked by The Kindness Bus. She had a huge interest in my mission from the moment she started reading the first quote. She is in an excellent position to spread word of One Million Acts Of Kindness.
Minca Brantley Professor of Psychology at Miami Dade College saw The Kindness Bus, in November, in Florida and has been talking to her students about One Million Acts Of Kindness ever since. Today she was out for her morning run and met up with me while taking a break.
The results of all of our actions can have an exponential effect and it is the exact grassroots way that One Million Acts Of Kindness grows, one teacher telling all her students, one mom telling her family, one person telling all his or her friends and so on.
Thank you to both of these women for their keen interest.
The Kindness Bus was parked across the street from an antique Packard with the likeness of Humphrey Bogart in the driver’s seat. Bogart, meet Bogart!

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