Laughter is the Best Medicine

January 31st, 2013

1-31-13I love south Florida, its residents and visitors. It is one vast population center along most of its east coast, especially the 70 or so miles from Miami to Palm Beach. Everyone is in such a good mood and the response to One Million Acts Of Kindness has always been well received. This is my 4th trip to south Florida in The Kindness Bus.
The Kindness Bicycle made its way to schools today. Kathy, who has a child at Hollywood Hills Elementary School was very gracious for the fact I stopped by. She volunteered to spread word of the mission throughout the school community.
A local businessman, Mark Lavallee, who discovered The Kindness Bus during his run of The Miami Marathon met with me to brainstorm some of the ways to promote One Million Acts Of Kindness, going forward. Thank you Mark for your interest, insight and your generosity.
Tonight I took part in Laughter Yoga. What a great stress release. Friends, Goddess and Noah, lead wonderful classes throughout south Florida. They charge nothing, it is one way they are giving back to community. What great fun was had. Their website can help you learn to laugh and be happy.

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