Long Beach, Mississippi

February 26th, 2013

2-26-13I took an unplanned detour to have The Kindness Bus worked on once again. Hopefully this third time will be a charm.
It seems that no matter which direction The Kindness Bus heads, incredible things happen.
I left the mechanic’s garage in the direction of 4 local schools. I came across a Senior Center that looked friendly enough, so I stopped in.
Some of the staff and seniors, Cabrini, Joy, Donna, Don, Marion and Jack welcomed me with open arms. They insisted I stay for lunch and even insisted to take up a donation to support my mission. Such incredible generosity was shown.
I visited 3 schools and the board of education later in the day. One of the school’s students cheered loudly in the distance, as I rode by with the “Overcome Bullying Through Love” sign facing them.

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