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Friends Along the Way

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

2-21-13The Kindness Bus and Kindness Bicycle create an attraction as I drive and ride my way around the country. The words written on both, lead to conversations from people in need and people wanting to know more of my mission. Because of their positive messages, they oftentimes lead to friendship.
Two years ago I met Scott and Paula Hasselbring and because of the strong connection to the writings on The Kindness Bus and the conversation which ensued, a friendship was forged. We have kept in touch through email and phone calls, but I made sure my travels took me through Cocoa Beach to spend some quality time in person with them. When you are putting a message of kindness and love out to the world, you are bound to meet the most caring of individuals. Scott and Paula certainly embody those two attributes. Thank you to them for their hospitality and the generosity in helping to support my mission.
The Kindness Bus and Kindness Bicycle rolled its way to Ocala, Florida as I will now visit a town a day for the next several days.

North to Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

2-20-13I spent the morning getting The Kindness Bus road ready, mechanically for the long distances I will be traveling over the next several months. It is hard to believe that Florida has been home for almost 4 months. The weather, I’m hoping should now be mild enough as I make my way across the southern United States over the course if the next month.
A big thank you to the crew at Treasure Coast Automotive for applying their combined collective mechanical knowledge to the solving of the “aches and pains” that The Kindness Bus has been having.
Another big thank you to Rodger of Vero Beach for all of his support and interest in my mission, since learning of it late last year.

The Health of Veterans

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

2-19-13Today’s shorter than usual ride took me to the Indian River County Health Administration offices for visits to a couple of departments to tell them of my ride. Great interest in the message of my ride was evident throughout the offices.
One of my other stops was to a Vero Beach Veterans group. The friendly group invited me in for refreshments and conversation. We talked of the challenge of returning back to society and settling into a life similar to what they had when they left. Many veterans are having a difficult time reconnecting with family, friends and community.
If you have a chance to make the life of a veteran easier, do so. Many need housing, jobs, a helping hand up…all of them could use another friend.

Spring into Kindness

Monday, February 18th, 2013

2-18-13Thirty days separate us from the 2nd annual “Spring into Kindness” day. This day, celebrated on the first day of spring, was the brainchild of dear friend, Hope Chase of Santa Monica, California. On this day, individuals are asked to surprise someone with a joyous act of kindness.
A few thoughts for the day from Hope Chase are below.
Joyously surprising people with acts of kindness…!
*  paying for someone’s groceries
*  giving them a nice, laminated tote bag for their groceries
*  putting quarters in the parking meter!
*  gifting “Spring” bouquets!
*  And gifting  GOOD FORTUNE COOKIES!!!
…..AND more wonderful, unique actions!!!
Today’s weather in Florida seemed like a spring day in the north, with wind and changeable skies.

Another Week of Kindness Draws to a Close

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

The 4th annual One Million Acts Of Kindness Week finished with a flurry of groups and individuals signing up during the final days of the event.
Thank you to everyone who took part in this event by helping others. You have touched the lives of those in need in ways that are immeasurable.
I need volunteers for next year’s One Million Acts Of Kindness Week! The weeklong event is February 10th-16th 2014. My hope is to sign up hundreds of businesses and schools. This won’t be possible without a team of volunteers.
Please email me at to volunteer.


Saturday, February 16th, 2013
2-16-13Joan Marie Barringer is an angel on earth. She does so much, to help so many, with her workshops and counseling. She has such curing energy and cares about helping others with her many gifts. I am grateful to have met such a caring individual along my travels. We met a few years back and she has been a big supporter of my mission ever since.
The acronym for MAGIC she created is the road map for all you will ever need in your life. It is as follows: Meditate, Ask God, Give thanks, Imagine, Celebrate.
Her website is a must visit and if you have the opportunity, attend one of her sessions. Her website is,

On the Fifth Day of Kindness Week

Friday, February 15th, 2013

There are always many entries that are registered during the course of One Million Acts Of Kindness Week. The following is one of them.
Project Description:
Each month our students perform community service projects.  Recently, we completed a marathon that raised over 2000 dollars for Freeport, New York which was hit hard by hurricane Sandy.  This month we made valentine butterflies for a local nursing home and another class made place mats.  We have also started a caring wall to share all of our community service works.  This month my students are reading to raise money, by reading, the money will be sent to Rainbow and Babies Hospital.  Monday we will start our kindness journal.