March 31st, 2013

4-4-10****This story originally ran on Easter day 2010. I received so much interest, that I felt running it again this Easter weekend would have the same impact. Maybe by reading and seeing what happened to this unfortunate individual, you will find it in your heart to start helping those less fortunate than you.

This Easter morning, thoughts I want to share, have been on my mind since early morning March 24th in South Beach. Thoughts of mistaken identity.     I don’t know who runs the morning clean-up detail on this strip of visual paradise but by the time most of the late-night revelers are only half-way through their much needed slumber, the debris removal and pressure wash teams have returned the sidewalks, park and beach areas to pristine condition.
So there we were, Bogart on a taut lead with Bob in tow, headed at a full-throttle saunter to get some full-throttle caffeine. The debris had been bagged for pick-up in clear garbage bags near the sidewalk at various locations. One could see the previous day’s beach trash and treasure bagged and ready for pick-up through the clear bags. I could see at a distance, as I approached each pile of bags, the previous days forgotten loot. I looked at bright plastic beach toys left behind, in bags with soda bottles and other debris. I approached one pile, from a different angle which is shown, unable to discern the contents of the bag. It wasn’t until I was at the angle from which the picture is taken that I realized the human beneath the plastic sheeting.  Then I saw the broken egg and realized someone had thrown a raw egg at this unfortunate man.  It’s hard for me to understand what that could possibly accomplish.  I see that my mission becomes more important every day.

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