A Whole Lot of Writing Going On

April 25th, 2013

4-25-13The Bogart Book series of a minimum of twelve children’s books is being worked on every day. One is in print, a 2nd one is being illustrated a 3rd and 4th are written and others are being outlined. It is great fun, but lots of work. While I was out this morning, Publisher, Gibbs Smith just so happened to be walking by as I was fixing a flat tire on The Kindness Bicycle. He, of course, was given a copy of Bogart’s 1st book, Bogart Begins His Kindness Adventure.
Stopping at a few schools to talk with Principals and Counselors of schools proved to be fruitful. With the hopes of visiting these schools in the future, I delivered information on my talks.
Today’s photo is of a wonderful mural, painted by the students of Prestwood Elementary School.

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