First Responders

April 19th, 2013

4-19-13One year ago, I was riding The Kindness Bicycle 4,400 miles from Santa Monica to New York City to honor first responders. These men and women do so much that we take for granted. I honored them for protecting us from harm. It was a ride of gratitude and to raise awareness about them being positive influences in our lives. I wanted kids to realize the role models these Heroes can be to them.
***Warning***Graphic text below***
The end result of suicide is always hard to witness. Having to view and then take the limp, or stiff body of a person down from rope they are hanging from, while a loved one is standing by is part of the job of our safety forces. It is a memory that never goes away. Having to see the end result of a shotgun blast to one’s head with the cold gaze of the open eyes on the face of the body is something none of us should ever have to witness…even if it is part of the job of the safety forces.
If you are considering suicide, think of the lifetime of the tragic memory you will create for the first responder. It is not something you should ever put them through.
Know how important you are to so many people. Hang on to your life with all of your might. Life will get better. Know that you are not alone.

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