My Friend The Kindness Bus……On Its Last Wheels

April 21st, 2013
The current Kindness Bus has served us well for over 4 years. It was my hope, that this beautiful home of mine and Bogart too, would last the full 10 years of this mission…but sad to say, it will not. There are far too many issues it has, to even think of repairing. The biggest being, is that it is having a very hard time going up hills…and there are mountains to climb (move) on the next 6 years of this mission. The engine will blow if I push it to get up a hill. The engine banging noise gets louder, the steeper and longer the hill. It runs quite well on short grades and flat terrain. I could limp around in it for the next 6 years on the west coast, but this nationwide mission, and the Ring Our Country with Kindness ride (ROCK) need to and will continue.
The memories and the incredible quotes hundreds of people have written on its side are its incomparable beauty.
It is my hope that one of the schools I have visited these last 4 years will want it as a work in progress kindness project. It is the most logical solution I have. I will be contacting some likely candidates this week.
I am currently checking the Internet for a more fuel efficient bus. It’s exterior will be painted to closely resemble as possible, the current Kindness Bus. I will paint, or have the original individuals, paint the over 450 quotes that have been written over these past 4 years. The same goes for the interior.
This will be a bittersweet process, but knowing that The Kindness Bus will continue to make a difference in people’s lives brings me great joy.
I hope all of you will be a part of this solution. I am needing any and all connections, recommendations and donations in acquiring a new bus. This very important mission will continue no matter what, I am asking that you help in any way you possibly can.
Kindness always…all ways,
Bob and Bogart too!!

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