Over the Airwaves of the Sonoma Valley

April 23rd, 2013

4-23-13EA, a local CrossFit owner in Sonoma came by The Kindness Bus to tell me KSVY talk show hosts wanted to interview “the guy with the bus.” Heather, his wife, and her talk show partner, Michelle had seen the bus about town and did a “command performance” interview. It was so much fun being interviewed by phone as I walked to their studios and then continuing the talk “on air” when I arrived. It helped in a big way as they got word of The Kindness Bus’ problems out across the airwaves. Thank you to EA and Heather for the invite to dinner to their home.
The weather has been quite hot the past few days, so leaving Bogart on The Kindness Bus much past mid morning has been the case. Needless to say, riding my allotted miles for the day has been less than usual. Having a great town square in Sonoma has certainly helped The Kindness Bus and Bicycle getting the message out to many.
Thank you to Allyson for stopping by The Kindness Bus, her family is committed to service to others and is doing great work in Central America. She is truly an “Ally” of kindness I told her.

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