Six Years Later, More of the Same

April 16th, 2013

4-16-13Hatred begets evil acts.
Harboring bitterness and hatred in one’s heart for another individual or group will dim the light of goodness in one’s life.
Six years ago today, was the tragedy at the Virginia Tech campus, where 32 lives were cut short by 1 individual. I couldn’t make sense of those actions after three days of watching the news, so I drove to Blacksburg, Virginia. In witnessing four days of pain by thousands of loved ones, I decided to act upon that event. One Million Acts Of Kindness as an individual, personal lifetime goal for everyone was the apparent answer.
The two messages on The Kindness Bus, in today’s picture were put there to inspire individuals. The one at the top is a reminder of that day six years ago, with the hopes that those who read it, will act out with goodness in their lives towards others. The bottom one is to let individuals know how much of a gift they can be to others. I wish the individual(s) who was responsible for yesterday’s bombing in Boston had taken heed of its loving message.
One other beautiful message is next to the door to The Kindness Bus and sums it up perfectly, “It’s a choice…choose love.”

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