Kindness Bus Update

May 30th, 2013

5-30-13There are many people involved in helping to find a suitable replacement bus and others who want to lend a kind hand in repairing The Kindness Bus. Joe, my friend from Advance Auto Clinic in Chesterland, Ohio has been a big help in the past and is using his resources to help find a suitable replacement. I have the luxury of time and terrain, having The Kindness Bus on the relative flat west coast of California. The Kindness Bus has no problem doing quick climbs over short hills, it has major engine issues on the long grades and will quit if I try to push it over the Rockies to the east or the ranges to the north.
I do have a contingency plan, to buy a couple months of time to find a new bus or repair The Kindness Bus. I will talk about that next week.

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