Need a Bigger Safety Pin

May 21st, 2013

5-21-13A safety pin has so many uses in a survival situation. It can be used to take out splinters, mend clothing or gear, to make a finger splint, replace a zipper puller, use as fishing hooks, wound closure, pin a shirt sleeve to a shirt to make a sling, to get knots out of your fishing line, use on a blanket to make a sleeping bag or as part of your shelter. There are hundreds of uses, this is why you will see safety pins as a part of the best survival kits.
An alarming statistic was recently published by the Centers for Disease Control with regards to suicide. With all the resources being poured into social services and all of the agencies available to individuals, the United States, annual suicide rate still increased from nearly 36,000 to over 38,000 individuals during the past several years. The biggest increase was in the 50 – 59 year of age group. Nearly all other age brackets remained about the same.
Each and every one of us is the safety pin in each other’s lives. We are all here to hold each other up when we are about to fall. There are many people struggling to get by, it is up to all of us to provide the friendship and comfort needed.

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