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No Time for Kindness

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013
I was recently reminded of a song by Jim Croce named “Cats in the Cradle.” It is about a father who is busy with life and finds very little time to interact with his son, but the son continues to remind the dad that he is “gonna be just like him.” By song’s end, when the father, years later, is able to find the time, the son is too busy for the dad.
The following, short exchange I witnessed (anonymously) was by a child about four years of age who asked, “Dad, what does that bus say?” to which the dad replied, “C’mon, let’s go!”
Thank you to Karina Ioffee and Jim Welte of the Mill Valley Patch for the wonderful article (below) written about One Million Acts Of Kindness.

Blackie’s Pasture, Tiburon, California

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

6-22-13I rode past this open meadow on The Kindness Bicycle a few times before I realized its history. Blackie who at the age of 12 when he came to Tiburon became a fixture in this pasture, standing in nearly the same spot for the next 28 years. Blackie, with his big swayback, became a favorite of all the locals who would stop by to feed and pet him.
Sara, from a nearby town stopped by at Blackie’s Pasture to talk with me about the healing power of kindness. She works with people who are having challenges with life to help them find peace. She told me that she knows over 30 people who have taken their lives and that having kindness in their lives could have quite possibly have been a deterrent.

Barking Up the Right Tree

Friday, June 21st, 2013

6-21-13Mill Valley, California is another one of those dozens of small towns north of San Francisco that is picture postcard perfect. Giant redwood trees are scattered about. Living 2,000 years, these trees have lived through nearly every move modern man has made.
“Barking up the tree” about Bullying and Adolescent Suicide is the best way to spread the word of how important awareness of these two issues is. I will continue this ride for the remaining six years of The Kindness Bus Tour.
Thank you to the United Methodist Church for the hospitality during my stay in Mill Valley and surrounding towns.

Teaching Moment

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

6-20-13Tomorrow marks the final day of the school year for kids across California. All across the country, it is the best time for parents to connect in many more ways, than is possible during the school year. It is the best “Teaching Moment” block of time a parent has to teach children. Find some memorable way to connect with your children this summer. They will remember it lifelong.
Thank you to, former CBS reporter, Terri Hardesty who took the time to conduct a lengthy interview while in neighboring Tiburon. Her website, Know it All Media, has an educational format which features individuals who are working to inspire others. What a nice way to spread good stories.

Someone Needs You

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

6-19-13A message to those who are in need of comfort that “someone needs you” can’t be said enough. It is the obligation of those who are “up” to help those who are “down.”
Put several positive messages in your phone that will remind you during the course of each and everyday of all the good you you can do in your life for others.
Written on The Kindness Bus nearly two years ago, by Nawang Khechog, a former Tibetan monk, are the words, “Om mani padme hoong,” these words, simply put, are a want for goodness for all beings. Telling a person, “someone needs you,” is putting these words into action.


Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

6-18-13Science has proven that humans are made of energy.  Every thought we think, every action we take, and every word we speak creates a vibration of energy that goes out into the universe.  The universe matches that vibration and sends us back more of what we put out.  In other words, if you think negative thoughts, you’ll get negative results and if you think positive thoughts, you’ll get more positive results.  So, be grateful and celebrate life today!
Good friend Michael Townsend is one of the most upbeat people I know, he is grateful for everything in his life, he the guru of gratitude. He walks around with a continual smile. I am fortunate to have met him along my travels.
Everything quote written on The Kindness Bus gives it added positivity. It is only fitting that Michael wrote the words “give thanks” on The Kindness Bus.

Family Kindness

Monday, June 17th, 2013

6-17-13I love when families do things together and I especially love it when they happen upon The Kindness Bus.
Parents, Todd and Laura, with 2 of their 5 children, Quinn and Anika, rode up just as I had finished my riding for the day. They loved seeing all the wonderful lessons to be learned, written  on its body. “We teach kindness to our kids every day,” Todd said. It was a nice way to get back on the road again after 3 weeks in the east.
School is out for the summer. Spend as much time as you can with your kids, participating in activities and sports, any way possible to engage them in conversation and connection. Teach them about kindness every day.