Bogart’s “Seal” of Approval

August 1st, 2013

8-1-13Since 1966 this bronze has watched over Richardson Bay and the nearly fifty years of change in this region. Things have come, things have gone. Huge homes have been built, the skyline of San Francisco has doubled, bigger yachts moor in the waters. I guess bigger is better is the belief.
To me, simpler has become better. Having less possessions is a joy. Possessing joy is all we really need to have. Leading a simple life eliminates the clutter of possessions.
Just as having too much clutter in one’s life can lead to complexities, having too much clutter in one’s mind can lead to a too complex a life. Simplifying your life and slowing your mind will lead to greater inner joy. I recommend it highly. It earns the Bogart seal of approval.

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