One Million Acts of Kindness Fundraiser

October 16th, 2013
10-17-13There have been many fundraising stories that have happened during the past couple of weeks. One is summed up in the letter below. It describes the dedication of the Absolute Dance Company competition team.
Hi Bob,
The dance team has been very busy and we are so excited to be a part of the kindness generation! Last weekend the girls raised $376 for the bus!!!! They had a booth at the Avon Lake homecoming festival where they sold rainbow loom bracelets (the newest craze) for $1 and they worked their hearts out! They made all the bracelets themselves and took turns working the table too. This upcoming Monday, they are hosting an assembly at Erieview Elementary school to spread the message even further! We couldn’t get all the schools on board as the other principals felt they had already begun their anti-bullying program for the year, but they all expressed interest in learning more about it for next school year, so that’s exciting! Thanks again for all you’re doing & we’ll keep you posted on our successes here in Avon Lake!

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