Weekend of Kindness

April 27th, 2014

Hey Bob!
I was seriously JUST thinking of you when I found your email! HELLO! Plans are underway in WP for our 4th annual Day of Kindness! This has been an amazing past six months for the preschool.  We have purchased Grace Episcopal Church and its parish house on Main St. Whitney Point. In six months I raised enough grant money to make the purchase. We have renamed the property Saving Grace as we saved Grace, and we hope it will be the preschool/daycare center’s saving grace. We hope it will lighten the burden on the community of our ever-constant candy bar, magazine and novelty catalog sales to raise money for the center. Instead we are now able to provide the community with a space for concerts, movies, weddings, dinners etc. and make a bit of money in the process.
We have our grand opening with a concert on Friday, April 25 -which is also our kick-off to our day of kindness! We are giving seed packets out at the concert with a pay it forward message about spreading “seeds of kindness” wherever we go. Saturday is a literacy fair with free books for every child and we will continue our message of kindness. Then on Sunday, the Day of Kindness, the community is again ready to come out and help one another performing random and planned acts of kindess.
How are you and Bogart? Your message will once again be shared in our community Bob with our Weekend of Kindness.  Next year maybe you will be close enough to be with us at Saving Grace for our 5th observation – sure to be a special day!
Thank you for mentioning Whitney Point!

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