EXTRAordinary Peep of the Week

May 11th, 2014


Thank you to the Bullying awareness organization Free2Luv, for the great coverage of One Million Acts of Kindness. An article on their website is below.
Meet this week’s EXTRAordinary Peep of the Week, Bob, a builder from Cleveland, Ohio, who traded in his entire lifestyle, selling his house and his car to live in a 1990 school bus he has dubbed, “The Kindness Bus.” He began traveling around the country to spread his message of One Million Acts of Kindness. “I drive the bus to a town and then ride my bike (‘The Kindness Bicycle’) around the town,” Bob explains. He stops at schools, churches, community centers, city halls and newspaper offices and shares his story. He asks that people make a commitment by honor these four simple statements: I will comfort those hurting; I will help those being hurt; I will help you realize your importance in the world, and; you are needed and you are loved!! Bob, we think you’re EXTRAordinary!

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