Project Love

June 28th, 2014


While in Cleveland last month I talked with Stuart Muszynski. In 1994, he and his wife Susan, a clinical psychologist, saw the link between violence in the media, acts of teenage meanness, and violent acts in high schools and our society and decided to do something about it. Knowing teens can grasp abstract concepts that may impact them for decades, the Muszynskis created a program to build character and life skills for that group. Based on cognitive psychology, experiential seminars that have changed adults’ behavior, and medical data about the power of visualization and love, the couple created a multi-media, day-long seminar using lessons from history and current events.
The seminar was designed to help students understand the difference between being perpetrators, victims, bystanders or rescuers. The goal was to create a group of students who would choose to be rescuers and had been trained in the leadership skills needed to promote kindness and caring in their schools, families, workplaces and communities.
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